Ladies in red . . .

flam-1SITTING in October shade sipping black coffee as people drift past at the annual feria – the festival during which the Spanish town of Orgiva bursts into life for three days . . .

Abstract thoughts drift through the unmolested mind at times such as these. I decide there are few things more elegant than Spanish ladies bedecked in flamenco costume. Can’t say I’m an expert on this subject or that I possess experience beyond being a casual observer. It’s just a conclusion I have arrived at – unaided and surprisingly cheerfully.

Even the men on horseback have a proud elegance. As they clatter past I feel almost ashamed that my distant homeland failed in its duty to furnish its sons and daughters with a national costume.

flam-2 flam-5 flam-4 flam-3flam-6Perhaps that’s why we English are so restrained and the Spanish so passionate. We don’t do frills and lacy things. We don’t dance without the aid of alcohol.

If we come back in another life then I am going to be Spanish. I might practise the tango before I leave this one.


24 thoughts on “Ladies in red . . .

  1. It’s the weather, Alen! That explains everything. You couldn’t wear a flamenco dress in Sheffield, for example. I think you should definitely learn to tango. That little girl is so cute, by the way! 🙂

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    1. Hi Carol. Most countries have national costumes but we’ve been left out, for some reason. I thought about wearing flat cap, muffler and clogs but it’s a bit warm for that sort of gear.
      Cheers, Alen


  2. I’m no expert on flamenco dresses either, but I wonder if they’re designed to emphasise the movements of the dance, swirling like the toreador’s capes. I don’t know! The pictures bring out the proto-poet in me.

    Interesting point about there not being an English traditional costume. When you consider most national costumes tend to have a working class or rural origin, there must be some representation of English finery when there was a celebration. I’m going to try to answer that question…


    1. I like your theory about the flamenco dresses. I think you’re a bit of a romantic at heart, Chris.
      But it’s the lack of an English national dress that interests me most. What about a court jester’s costume? Or something tight in Lincoln green with a pheasant feather? My favourite at the moment, having given this subject a great deal of thought, is tricorn hat, big boots and long coat, Poldark fashion. I rather fancy myself as a Poldark look-a-like (wife laughing in the background).

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  3. I’m amazed by the mint green and dark red polka dot dress. I guess you can get away with anything as long as you wear it with confidence – something the Spanish excel at if stereotypes are to be believed.

    I had to look up Finnish national costumes despite having lived here my entire life. The younger generations don’t really flaunt their nationality, extreme groups aside.

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    1. I must say, I prefer the red and black. They appear to be the more traditional colours associated with flamenco. Having said that, I’m far from being an expert on the subject of ladies’ dresses.
      Cheers, Alen


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