Art from a corner

art-1IT’S a big night in the Alpujarras. The Artists’ Network Alpujarra is holding its first exhibition in the village of Tablones, a couple of benighted kilometres from Orgiva. The event fills the Las Torcas building, next door to the ITV centre – the Spanish equivalent of the MoT. Enterprising types can have their car tested and visit the exhibition in one epic move. I settle for one out of two . . .

The Friday-morning art group of which I am a member has entered an exhibit – a series of acetate panels coloured with alcohol inks. We’ve all contributed to this evolutionary piece. I’ve just realised, while typing this, that it doesn’t have a name. Perhaps it was meant to be.

art-2 art-3 art-4I’m dead chuffed because it’s the first work I’ve had on show since a pencil drawing of Marc Bolan was given pride of place on the staircase outside the school music room. Some bugger stole it, would you believe? That was forty-five years ago. Not that I harbour a grudge.

Hundreds of people have turned out for the exhibition – and the organic champagne and tapas. It’s an opportunity to view the work of others and marvel at the talent blossoming in this corner of Spain.

art-5 art-6 art-7 art-8 art-10 art-9Perhaps every corner of every country has its blossoming pools of talent. I expect it has.



20 thoughts on “Art from a corner

  1. I like the acetates; they’re like contemporary stained glass panels. The whole thing looks like a great community magnet. In England we tend to separate between local art groups displaying in cafes and untouchable unknowable artists in the galleries.

    I want a giant table like that big book thing.

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    1. Hi Chris. One of the nice things about the exhibition was that there was a cross-section of nationalities, not just one small interest group. There was a real community feeling and I felt proud to be a part of it.
      Cheers, Alen

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