Fiesta . . .

fiesta 1AS Shane MacGowan once so poetically sang – actually he probably sang it hundreds of times – Come all you rambling boys of pleasure, and ladies of easy leisure, we must say adios until we see Almeria once again . . .

I have no desire to visit Almeria, despite the fact it lies only a couple of hundred kilometres along the indented coastline, but the Pogues’ exquisitely vivacious song Fiesta encapsulates exactly what it says on the record label. It remains one of my all-time favourites.

This weekend the Andalucian town of Orgiva celebrates its annual fiesta. We ramble about the streets, with more than a touch of flamenco in our steps, and soak up the atmosphere. All the sounds and smells of the fair fill the evening air, including the unmistakeable earthy, dungy smell of horse.

It’s an energetic and noisy evening. Even the town’s three-legged dog is out late, enjoying the celebrations. And me – one good foot’s tapping to flamenco, the other to the Pogues.

fiesta 8 fiesta 7 fiesta 6 fiesta 4 fiesta 3fiesta 10

Above: A picture for Lorna and James
Above: A picture for Lorna and James

fiesta 9Back to house-hunting tomorrow. This is an exercise that’s getting increasingly depressing. But tonight is party night. Strum that guitar and click those castanets. It’s time to dance. Take it away Shane . . .


17 thoughts on “Fiesta . . .

  1. Hej Alen. Det er udfordrende at søge efter et hus at bo i.
    Har I prøvet, at annoncere efter et hus i de lokale aviser?
    Der bor måske nogle mennesker et sted, som vil lade sig friste af et pænt kontantbeløb.
    I kan også byde på et hus, der ikke er sat til salg endnu!
    Dit indlæg er meget farverigt 😀
    Go n-eírí an bóthar leat.

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    1. Hanna, du har angivet mig en udfordring. Dansk og irsk i én meddelelse. Vi vil fortsætte med at gå på jagt efter et hus og i sidste ende finder vi en. I modsat fald har vi altid van til at sove. Ha ha.
      Godt helbred, Alen

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  2. Alen You could have picked a better photo of yourself than the one you used, looks like a good do, sorry to have missed it maybe next time.


  3. I’ve never heard the Pogues sound like that! Now, imagine if you were that three legged dog you could tap your feet to flamenco and the Pogues and still have one left over to hop about on.

    And judging by that guy’s dentistry in the first photo, the spirit of Shane MacGowan lives on.

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    1. I knew I should have taken a picture of the three-legged dog. I shall look at him in a different light in future. Not so much an unfortunate animal with a severe disfigurement; more a cultured little chap with an eclectic taste in music.
      And yes, you should have heard that Spanish bloke singing The Irish Rover. It were a real treat.
      Cheers, Alen

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