Forest fire . . .

A FOREST fire today, sweeping across the slopes of the Sierra Nevada above the house. I stand on the roof and watch two helicopters and two planes bomb the fire as distant sirens scream. It is breathtaking how close to the mountainside the pilots fly before releasing the water. They really are experts . . .

According to the news site El Independiente Granada, 43 forest firefighters were on the ground tackling the flames, backed up by a medical unit and three buses carrying equipment. The emergency was declared at 13.10 and the blaze was under control by 14.40.

That’s the second fire in just over a year to sweep across the same mountainside. The ground is tinder dry at the moment, with strong winds to fan the flames. It is reassuring to know there are organisations and professional people with the right equipment ready to act at a moment’s notice.


15 thoughts on “Forest fire . . .

    1. Can we have some of your warm rain please?
      You were quick off the ground, Cuz. I’d just finished posting this when your comment landed. You should be on a fire response team!
      Cheers, Alen

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  1. Glad it’s under control Al and yes, how professional the emergency services are when they kick into action, pity more people didn’t appreciate them like we do, KIm


    1. You’re right there, Kim. People risk their lives for others and get treated like dirt – they do in the UK anyway. But things are changing rapidly.
      Cheers, Alen


  2. It’s great they got the fire under control on such a short time, Alen. The pictures are really great although I could wish the occasion was another.
    All the best,


  3. They were pretty quick and efficient at putting that out! Last year, we were in Eskdale and were off up to Burnmoor Tarn – just after they’d had a fire up there. The firemen had all had to walk up there to put it out with water from the tarn!


  4. The water bombs they drop on forest fires often look puny to me, (compared to the blaze they’re tackling) but I’m not sure I’d like to be stood underneath one when it dropped its load.

    Maybe you could have a kipper shed somewhere and if the fires pass your way you’ve got a contingency business selling smoked fish to tide you over until the house is rebuilt.

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