Roads. They run through our lives and take us places. They start at our front door and bring us safely home again. But what if you awake one morning and set out on a road that doesn’t bring you home? What happens next?

This blog is about setting out on a road that doesn’t return. It’s a road that runs from my front door but heads off across England and France to the mountains of Spain. It has many bends to negotiate and hills to climb, but so does life.

My name is Alen McFadzean and I’m from the north of England. I used to be a journalist, and before that I was a quarryman and before that an electrician. Now I’m redundant and on an unknown road in a beat-up 1991 Volkswagen T4 campervan. But my wife, Anne, is with me, and two cats, so I’m not alone.

Awkward Roads is the journey to find a new front door in a strange country. If things go well there will be a home behind the door. And when I open that door every morning, new roads will radiate from the step. I expect many of them will be awkward roads.

Alen McFadzean, June 2015


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I wish you & your wife the very best of luck on your journey & hope it doesn’t take too long for you to find a new front door & a few windows too. I shall follow you on this journey from its beginning & look forward to reading the many adventures you will have.


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