Little donkey . . .

DRIVING down the concrete track towards the house I pass a girl thumbing a lift. She’s carrying a big bag and a plastic bucket that’s full of stuff. I stop and she clambers into the front of the van. She’s going to El Morreon, an alternative community down near the Rio Guadalfeo. I can take her about halfway, which suits her fine. “What’s your name?” she says in a German accent. I tell her and ask hers. “Carlotta,” she replies. Pleasant girl, Carlotta – early twenties I would say, been in Andalucia a few months. Two minutes later I drop her off and she continues down the track with her bag and bucket . . .

Two days later, I’m driving out of Orgiva with Anne, heading for the coast, when up the main road towards town comes Carlotta with a donkey.  She’s not leading it or riding it, she’s WITH it. She has her arm around the donkey’s neck, her shoulder against the animal’s side,  and they are walking together up the busy road.

Today I learn, from our friend Fiona, that Carlotta bought the donkey in Motril, on the coast, and walked it back to El Morreon. It’s a half hour’s drive to Motril. It took Carlotta and the donkey two days to cover the distance. God knows where they spent the night, because there’s a lot of wild and hilly country between the two towns.

Carlotta plans to walk to Germany with the donkey. There’s a lot of wild and hilly country between Andalucia and Germany. Who says the age of adventure is dead?

21 thoughts on “Little donkey . . .

  1. These are the events that enrich one’s life, but just one question Alen, have you an invite to the wedding? or am I just being an ass……

    All the best Alen, I hope that the Andalusian Spring has been as wonderful as ever.




    1. Hi Alan. For some time I’ve been meaning to look up the difference between a donkey, an ass and a mule because I’ve a feeling it’s important. I shall do it now. No invite yet.
      The spring this year has been wonderfully green, much more so than last year. Very pleasant at the moment.
      Cheers, Alen


      1. a mule is a cross between a horse and a donkey – not sure whether it’s a male horse (stallion) or a female horse (mare). The opposite way around is a hinny. I really don’t know about an ‘ass’.


        1. I’ve just looked into this myself and it’s more complicated than I thought. I agree with you on the mule and the hinny thing, although most sources say that most mules are produced by a male donkey and female horse. From what I can gather, ass is just an old English name (from a Latin root) for a donkey. I hope I’m not making an ass of myself.


            1. I read somewhere that they are more successful if the breeding pair are male donkey/female horse, and it doesn’t work so well the other way around. Also, most mules are infertile. I can’t think of any other examples off the top of my head.


    1. Hi Tove. See, you don’t need a house down here. All you need is a donkey and sleeping bags. Think of all the walking you and Leif could do with a donkey to carry your rucksacks. Just the job!
      Cheers, Alen


  2. “Why do you go to kindergarten, and elementary school and middle school, and secondary school and university and work your whole life! You will never be at peace.”
    These are the words from a 6 year old girl after her first day i school. Maybe she would rather buy a donkey and take a long walk on an adventurous road 🙂*279567
    Lovely post, Alen.

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    1. Exactly, Hanna. Since being made redundant for working hard all my life, I’ve given much thought to this subject. From an early age we are conditioned to play by the rules, but the rules are not in place for our benefit, they are there for the convenience of those who like to keep society channelled in a certain direction. I think we should all buy donkeys.
      Cheers, Alen

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    1. I was wondering that myself, David. If I bump into her again I’ll ask.
      Settling in fine, thanks. Can’t quite escape the tentacles of Mrs May and the Tories though. Glad I’m out of the way.
      All the best, Alen


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