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Concrete facts

THERE’S a law in Spain relating to fresh concrete. People are obliged to tread through it to leave their mark. This also applies to cyclists and motorists; tyres must make an impression, several centimetres deep. Dogs and goats are not excluded. Owners must ensure that claws, paws and hooves are inserted. Unaccompanied animals have a special responsibility to use their initiative. Nothing is exempt . . . Continue reading Concrete facts


I am Rodriguez

rodriguez 1aI PAY a visit to the advice centre in Orgiva to collect a parcel. It’s a place where floundering people such as myself can seek assistance with anything from arranging a dental appointment to buying a house – neither of which is straightforward in an unfamiliar country. It also functions as the postal address for many foreign nationals who live in the surrounding hills, because once out in the campo – the countryside – the Spanish postal system ceases to exist. The two ladies who run the office ask if I have plans for the week. I tell them my wife is visiting family in England, so I will be varnishing doors and fending for myself. “Ah, so you are Rodriguez,” they say . . . Continue reading I am Rodriguez